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DRM 'drives music fans to piracy'

Music fans just aren't buying DRM downloads - despite the huge numbers of MP3 players sold

The music industry's obsession with digital rights management is driving music fans into the arms of pirates.

Kim Bayley, director-general of the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) says instead that DRM should be scrapped to boost takeup of legal music downloads.

DRM "stifles growth"

Ms Bayley told the Financial Times that DRM is "stifling growth and working against the consumer interest" and says that the industry as a whole has only sold 150 million digital downloads in over three year. That's less than one 79p track per person per year.

Bayley also said the industry needed to stop complaining about the loss of revenue money from CD sales, and make it easier for people to buy music online.

The FT says Bayley also quoted an online music study that discovered fans were four times more likely to choose an unprotected MP3 than they were a DRM-enabled track.