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Brits waste two days 'wilfing' every month

Shopping websites like eBay are common distractions online

Brits waste two full days every month doing aimless web surfing, a new survey has found. More than two thirds of the UK's 33.7 million internet users are guilty of "wilfing" - short for 'what was I looking for?' - according to a survey commissioned by price comparison website .

Almost a quarter of surfers admitted to spending 30 per cent or more of their internet time 'wilfing', both at work and at home. Men are more likely to 'wilf' than women, with shopping and porn sites proving to be the most distracting.

In addition to the wasted time and money from 'wilfing', the 2,412 respondents taking part in the survey also reported other problems. A third of male 'wilfers' said their aimless surfing had had a negative effect on their relationship with their partner.

Jason Lloyd from said: "Although people log on with a purpose, they are now being offered so much choice and online distraction that many forget what they are there for, and spend hours aimlessly 'wilfing' instead."