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Picasa 3.5 brings facial recognition and geo-tags

Picasa - so you can make creepy stalker collages like this
Picasa - so you can make creepy stalker collages like this

Google has announced the release of Picasa 3.5 -with the popular photo editing software given tagging functionality and face recognition.

The free software – available for both PC and Mac – also brings the integration of Google Maps, allowing you to geo-tag your Eiffel Tower photos to your heart's content.

But it will be the tagging and recognition that garner the most attention, with Google explaining that the software builds on the functionality already present in Picasa Web Albums.

Name tags

"Name tags are designed to help you organize your photos by what matters most: the people in them," explains Google on its official blog.

"Picasa identifies similar faces and puts these into an "Unnamed People" album. From there, you can easily add a name tag by clicking "Add a name" and typing the person's name.

"After you've added name tags to some photos, you can use your tags to do creative things, like quickly find all the photos with the same two people in them, make a face collage with just one click or upload and share people albums with friends."

And, of course, being free, it won't cost you anything to try it out by downloading from