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Lord Carter's successor unveiled

Is Timms the new Digital Britain boss?
Is Timms the new Digital Britain boss?

Stephen Timms, the current Treasury minister and former e-commerce minister has been earmarked to take over the mantle of the Digital Britain report from Lord Carter.

The report, released in June, was meant to pave the way for Britain's technological future but was met with criticism due to its lack of concrete proposals.

According to the Guardian, Timms will come in to replace Lord Carter – who was always set to leave his post – and push ahead with the taxation needed to bring super-fast broadband to every UK home by 2012.

Taking over

The levy is a 50p a month tax on all copper phone lines – a plan that has yet to be finalised.

Another big announcement in the report was the tackling of internet piracy. Lord Carter promised that piracy would be reduced by 70 per cent, but did not completely clarify how this was going to be done.

Timms background in e-commerce will at least mean that he has some knowledge of how the internet works. We hope.

TechRadar will keep you informed of any official confirmation regarding Lord Carter's successor.

Via The Guardian