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Guns N' Roses album released on MySpace

MySpace - musically popular
MySpace - musically popular

Guns N' Roses' new album Chinese Democracy will be released on MySpace today – with users able to get free airings from an record 17 years in the making.

Paul McCartney's side-project The Fireman will launch Electronic Arguments on the site as well, although it has already been available elsewhere.

The albums will not be downloadable, but will be free to listen to before they are put up for sale later in November.


Of course, with pirated copies of Chinese Democracy flooding onto the internet, the chances are that many people have already had a listen and maybe even downloaded the album, but it still represents something of a coup for MySpace.

The News Corp owned social network has become the home of choice for many musicians on the internet as well as launching several bands and singers to stardom by attracting audience share from well in excess of 100 million MySpace users.

Only lead singer Axl Rose remains from Guns N' Roses' original line-up, with tensions growing through the likes of Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion I and II - and he has been working on the new material for the best part of two decades.