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GCHQ supplier outlines why Mandy's anti-piracy plans won't work

GCHQ tech supplier slams Mandy's anti-piracy plans
GCHQ tech supplier slams Mandy's anti-piracy plans

File-sharing has hit the headlines yet again this week, what with Peter Mandelson's new plans to cut off persistent offenders from their internets and, more recently, BitTorrent site Mininova removing all copyrighted material links from its site.

The latest company who has entered the debate is a GCHQ tech supplier, Detica, who has criticised the UK Government's latest half-baked file-sharing plans

Dan Klein, a rep from BAE subsidiary Detica, said: "If the Government chose to go down that route, we would come out strongly against… It's not necessary or proportionate."

Detica provides tech to the UK's intelligence services and law enforcement agencies to help them monitor terrorist activities.

File-sharing anonymity

Klein noted that the use of their technologies for civil infringements was totally unnecessary. "It's not doable in the marketplace, because of the consumer," he added.

Virgin Media is using a Detica product called Cview to monitor its own web traffic, but Klein noted that Detica will not enable file sharers to be identified through CView.

"There's no way we would be interested in finding out about individual [file-sharing offenders]," he said.

Via ZDNet