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Amazon AWS trots out affordable Windows VDI service

Another notch in Amazon's inventory

Amazon's march towards world domination in the cloud is seemingly going unabated as the company announced yet another product, called WorkSpaces.

As its name alludes to, it is AWS' take on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) which allows enterprises to give each employee access to a working desktop environment complete with all the required applications.

Those Workspaces can be accessed from anywhere and from almost any mainstream device, mobiles or not, the only proviso being good connectivity. Amazon even demoed it running on its own Kindle tablet.

New choices

Four bundles are currently provided in a way similar to Virtual Private Servers (VPS). The Standard and the Standard Plus both come with one virtual CPU, 3.75GB of RAM and 50GB of persistent user storage. The only difference being Office Professional 2013 and Trend Micro Business Security Services.

The Performance package, which is likely to be more appealing to Developers, come with twice the CPU, memory and storage. Like for the Standard Plus offer, Performance Plus adds Office Professional and Trend Micro's BSS.

Appealing offer

The respective prices per user, per month stand at $35 (around £22, AU$38), $50 (about £31, AU$54), $60 (around £37, AU$64) and $75 (about £47, AU$80) and could represent up to 60 per cent saving in a business with 1,000 users according to Amazon's hypothetical case study.

Amazon Web Services is now officially competing in a red hot market given a second shot in the arm by BYOD and alongside major players like VMWare and Citrix. The company has yet to say whether the service will be available outside the UK from the start past the current limited preview period.