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Augmented reality Gary Coleman fortune-teller launched

Whatchoo talkin' bout!?
Whatchoo talkin' bout!?

TV viewers of a certain age that fondly remember pint-sized Gary Coleman in the 1980s classic Diff'rent Strokes will surely be no less than thrilled at the fact that he is now the star of his own augmented reality Facebook fortune-telling app.

What better way to celebrate the fact that it is Friday, than sending your friends an augmented reality Gary Coleman fortune-telling app?

Augmented reality allows developers to overlay information or 3D graphics over a live camera feed. It has been getting a lot of attention from iPhone developers in particular of late, such as the innovative Brit outfit AcrossAir.

Coleman gets the augmented reality Facebook app courtesy of French fry vendor New York Fries in order to celebrate its 25th anniversary this month.

How does it work?

Users have to download and print off a graphic, then hold it up to their webcam, where a magical 3D version of Coleman will appear to tell yours and your mates' fortunes.

A strangely beguiling way of advertising chips, TechRadar is sure you will agree!

Go on! It's Friday.

Via ARTimes