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5 inspiring CGI shorts you simply must watch

If you're looking for inspiration, these CGI shorts are exactly what you need.

Taken from a list of 10 short films collated by our friends over at 3D World magazine, they're pretty good if you just want to waste a bit of time in the office, too.

1. Powerless
Fairtytale visuals and a subtle use of lighting enrich this dialogueless student film. It's just a shame the story isn't a little stronger.

2. Ryan
If you haven't yet seen Chris Landreth's seminal film, a) why the hell not? and b) watch it now. And if you have it, watch it again and wonder.

3. Wild Dogs
Cat Hicks' graduation animation from Ringling may sport an overly familiar visual style - very Pixar - but also features some superb acting and timing.

4. The Deadline

One of Aardman Animation's earliest forays into CG, a beautifully short but deadly funny examination of the peril that faces every animator.

5. Tim Tom
A typically bonkers and light hearted French animation created by Romain Segaud and Christel Pougeoise in 2002, with a fabulous score to boot.


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