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'Password' is no longer the world's worst password

assword' is no longer the world's worst password, seeks hi-fives to celebrate
123456? Might as well leave the safe open, guys

Since records began, the word 'password' has held the dubious honour of being the world's worst password, but it has finally earned a reprieve, according to new research.

Thankfully for 'password,' which must have pretty low self esteem at this point, '123456' is now the most used security word, Splashdata claims in it's annual charting of the 25 most popular passwords.

However, it isn't an organic shift. It's largely due to a security breach at Adobe which saw tens of millions of passwords posted online. Naturally those affected opted for the least secure alternative.

Also popular among the less security conscious internet users were the equally imaginative '12345678,' 'qwerty' and 'abc123.' In 9th place, according to Splashdata, was 'iloveyou.' "Aww, how sweet," said the hacker as he ransacked the user's email account.

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