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Crime-predicting CCTV cameras trialled

Don't even think about doing that
Don't even think about doing that

A new type of intelligent CCTV system has been installed in Portsmouth that can predict offences before they happen.

The cameras monitor potential unscrupulous behaviour, and if the threat of an offence is high enough, the system will alert a CCTV operator.

Quite why a CCTV officer should be alerted when he should be staring at the screen is beyond us, but because the tech has more than a smattering of Philip K Dick about it, we're interested!

Long way off Minority Report

This is the first time the technology has been used in the UK. It has, however, been successfully tried in the US.

Speaking about the new technology, Nick Hewitson, Managing Director of Smart CCTV, said: "Although we are a long way off Minority Report, it is a step closer. It is able to alert the operator to something that might be interesting such as a guy hanging around or somebody running.

"But what it cannot do is say whether that guy is waiting for his girlfriend or about to commit a crime. That is for the operator to make a subjective human decision on and make an appropriate response.

"The software is able to filter out all the boring information and gives the security operator alerts on things that might be interesting."