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Turning the Eee's SSD into a USB HDD

Toshiba SSD
SSDs are growing in capacity and getting cheaper

The solid-state drives that come with many netbook PCs are generally so small most users will want to upgrade them soon enough, but what to do with the old chunk of memory?

Buffalo has killed two birds with one stone by selling 32GB and 64GB SSD replacements for the Eee 901 from Asus along with a USB enclosure for converting the old SSD into an external drive.

Pricy plan

Eager modders are supposed to take the old 16GB storage from the Eee and stick it in the USB case, then pop the new, bigger, faster drive into the slot vacated.

The 32GB kit costs ¥12,700 (£95), while it's ¥22,400 (£167) for double that.

It's a nice idea from Buffalo that is, alas, available only in Japan for now.