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Toshiba debuts 64GB SDXC card

Toshiba - putting the X into SD cards
Toshiba - putting the X into SD cards

Toshiba has revealed its latest addition to the SD card arena – the 64GB SDXC.

It is the first time that Toshiba has used the SDXC standard, with the company usually preferring SDHC as its SD storage of choice.

SDXC is now the format, however, for any cards that go over 32GB and theoretically all the way up to 2TB in size.

The SDXC cards should prove to be something special, with write speeds hitting 35Mbps and read speeds of 60Mbps. Essentially, the card will allow seamless HD capture and continuous stills shooting.

Thanks for the memory

The card won't be hitting shops just yet, as according to Toshiba, it is still in its test stage and will be until November.

However, this is not such a bad thing as it will give camera and camcorder technology time to catch up, as the SDXC format isn't widely supported as of yet. This is due to the fact that the format was only officially announced back in April of this year.

Toshiba has also announced the arrival of 32GB and 16GB SD cards in the SDHC format.

All going well, we should these cards it shops sometime next spring.