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SanDisk waves magic wand, speeds up SSDs

SanDisk says we'll definitely be getting faster SSDs next year

Just imagine the pickle you'd be in if your block sizes were mismatched – quite a to-do, we'd venture. That's why storage specialist SanDisk has come up with a way to rectify that very problem in its solid-state drives.

The new ExtremeFFS technique for flash memory management means SSD write speeds and durability can be improved – SanDisk says some kinds of writing to an SSD could be up to 100 times faster than they are now.

Windows Vista

Specifically, the company is targeting the random – as opposed to sequential - writes particular to Windows Vista PCs.

SSD general manager Rich Heye explained how that results in longer seek times as the drive tries to find the place it's 'supposed' to write to: "The mismatch to block size is significant."

Logical disconnect

In other words, Extreme FFS means an SSD doesn't have to connect a logical address to a physical location in memory. Instead, it can just head for wherever is most convenient.

With SanDisk products using the new approach due out next year, the company is confidently predicting the upshot will be SSDs that are six times as fast as traditional 2.5-inch hard drives.