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Samsung unveils monstrous 2TB SSD

Samsung 2TB SSD

Samsung knows a thing or two about solid state drives as it produces the components that go in there - and it sells quite a lot of them.

The company just unveiled a 2TB model, the 850 Pro, which uses Samsung's 3D V-NAND technology and opts for a bog standard SATA interface rather than PCI Express-based ones like M.2.

It makes the new drive particularly enticing for desktop computers or existing laptops but less so for those with M.2 support.

Expensive bytes

The drive costs about £750 (around US$1,166, or AUS$ 1,554), which is roughly 50% more than what you'd pay per GB for a 1TB model.

The new drive, which offers up to 100K IOPS with read/write performance hitting 559MBps/543MBps, is backed by a 10-year warranty with a guaranteed 300TB write.

While it compares very poorly against M.2 drives, it is fast enough for SATA drives although the question of whether it is not a better choice to grab two cheaper 1TB models and RAID-0 them together doesn't become evident.