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TomTom Go brings interactive 3D mapping to the sat nav arena

While TomTom's GPS fitness watches won't make it to Australian shores until next month, TomTom Go, its refreshed sat-nav device, is now available.

The sat nav is a complete redesign of what TomTom has done until now, but the company hopes that the new gizmo will make for a more interactive experience by letting users zoom in and out of the new interactive map with just a few easy touches.

"This new TomTom, we literally have revamped all the software interface... So you realise that once you go back and test [the old TomTom] and use it, it is fundamentally different," said Winnie Kwan, TomTom's senior marketing manager for Asia Pacific.

You can click anywhere on the map to set your route, change your route, save locations or to search points of interest straight through the map, rather than through the usual search inputs required of sat navs of old.

"Any where you tap on the map, basically you can do something with it... It doesn't matter if you don't know the exact location or address," Kwan added.

The new Go devices also boasts new features including Lifetime TomTom Traffic, Quick Search and Route Bar for your route's travel information, as well as 3D Maps for CBDs across Australia, which TomTom claims will make sure drivers know exactly what's going on around them at all times.

Go, Tom, Go!

"We have rethought the way drivers use their sat navs," said TomTom's co-founder Corinne Vigeux said back in April. "We are quickly becoming the authority when it comes to traffic information."

Live traffic information, updated every 2 minute, is also available when you tether the TomTom Go to your phone, with indicators on the map for traffic, incidents and road closures on the map, as well as scrolling information as you approach 50km before any incident on your route.

If you're worried about your mobile phone's data use, Winnie Kwan explained that if you tether your phone an hour a day for a month for Live Traffic, data would probably add up to only 7MB.

"It's really manageable, and the great thing is you can choose when you want traffic [information]," she said.

TomTom Go comes in 5-inch and 6-inch versions, and the screen size being the only difference, they both give the option for users to receive live traffic information either via smartphone connection.

At least four free map updates can be downloaded a year, and TomTom has tacked on a 3-month trial of its speed camera alerts service.

The TomTom Go500 (5-inch model) will retail for $249 while the Go600 (6-inch model) will be priced at $299.

Hugh Langley

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