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New Apple iPod video reviews shown off by T3

New iPod Touch - retina display and face time
New iPod Touch - retina display and face time

Gadget aficionados T3 have got their hands on the latest Apple iPods and posted their early video reviews of the kit.

T3, who sit next to TechRadar at Future Publishing, put the Apple iPod touch, the latest iPod nano and the new iPod shuffle through their paces, with the devices going on sale today.

"Apple didn't fail to surprise us with the new iPod line-up," said T3's Rhi Morgan

Pick of the bunch

"By far the pick of the bunch is the Apple iPod touch; the addition of the camera on the front and the back, along withthe retina display, makes it the music player of the moment.

"The iPod nano is bound to split opinion, with its miniscule size and the omission of the camera and click wheel, some will love it and some are bound to hate it."