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Tiny 40GB music server for just £300

The smallest and cheapest audio server out there?

If you thought hi-fi music servers were big and expensive, newcomer Brennan might just prove you wrong. Its tiny JB7 Digital Jukebox combines a 40GB internal hard disk, a CD drive and a built-in 30-watt amplifier all for just £300.

The super-compact JB7 has been designed to easily rip and store CDs without the need for a computer, and with the built-in amp, all you need is a pair of loudspeakers.

Bijou bargain

The JB7 is available in two distinct variations: the 40GB version at £300, and the 80GB version for just £20 more. Whilst at £300 it might not be strictly hi-fi, it does, however, give users the option to record losslessly (with no compression). With standard compression switched on, Brennan claims the 80GB version will hold up to 1,200 discs.

At present, the units are being sold through Cambridge-based technology company 3ga Limited, which is using its website to introduce the first new products from the 'Digital Jukebox' concept.

The JB7 is well featured, too: it offers a headphone output, line output, auxiliary input (for recording from other line-level sources) and has a vacuum fluorescent display. There are 2.2 million album tracks on its database (updateable by CD) and CDs can be ripped to the internal hard disk with just one touch.