Everyone who uses a laptop for business travel (or commuting) likes a good sturdy laptop bag. And SF-based Timbuk2 makes good ones. The thing is, what happens if you're out all day and your various mobile devices die? You can try to find an available outlet (we've all asked bartenders if it's OK to plug your phone into an outlet behind the bar) but it's so much better to be self-sufficient.

Apparently we here at TechRadar aren't alone. While we've been using Timbuk2 bags for some time we were pretty excited to get our hands on the Power Q Laptop Backpack. Timbuk2 has been selling the Q Laptop Backpack for some time now but the Power Q kicks it up a notch by partnering with Joey Energy and including the company's T1 Power Supply charging pack.

Timbuk2 Power Q Laptop Backpack

The Joey T1 Power Supply is actually pretty cool. It charges via micro USB and you can use it to charge any device that draws power from a USB port. On a recent trip to Microsoft's Redmond, Washington campus we taxed our phone's battery using GPS to get there from the airport and used the Joey T1-equipped Power Q Laptop Backpack on the way back to the hotel to get a full charge.

The Q Laptop Backpack is pretty much what you'd expect from a Timbuk2 bag. It boasts a ton of compartments, has great internal organization and is super-comfortable. The thing is, the Q Laptop Backpack is $109 where the Power Q is $199!

Timbuk2 Power Q Laptop Backpack

Don't get us wrong, the Power Q Laptop Backpack is plenty cool, but what makes it standout is the inclusion of the Joey T1 Power Supply. With the ability to give your smartphone up to two full charges you can confidently hit the road with the knowledge that you won't run out of juice when you most need it. Add to that the Power Q rocks a dedicated pocket for the Joey T1 Power Supply. Of course, it's not really that hard to just chuck the thing in the bottom of any bag and hit the road.

We liked

Being a Timbuk2 bag we really liked how comfortable the bag is. Add to that the multitude of compartments and pockets and we're sure that our tech tools will be safe and sound. As for the Joey T1 Power Supply, being able to charge a smart phone two times while on the go is awesome.

We disliked

While Timbuk2 offers two bags that accommodate the Joey T1 Power Supply, both are relatively small. If you were hoping to have one bag that does it all, holds all of your gadgets as well as enough clothes for a short trip then you'll no doubt be disappointed by the Power Q's relatively small storage capacity. If that's not all, at $199 the Power Q Laptop Backpack is pretty expensive.


When it comes down to it the Power Q Laptop Backpack is cool and convenient, but at nearly $200 it's really expensive. Especially considering how little storage capacity it has. That said while it is relatively small we can definitely see its usefulness for long commutes, trade shows and conferences. Just expect to carry a much larger bag to carry everything that doesn't have a power button.

Timbuk2 Power Q Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 Power Q Laptop Backpack