New 160GB PS3 might be limited edition

Rumours it will be discontinued shortly after launch

Sony's announcement of a new 160GB PS3 seemed to send a clear statement of intent from the Japanese, but now rumours are growing it will only be a 'special edition'.

Spong has spoken to a few Sony reps, and they've said the new console may only survive a few months.

"The 160GB is a special edition PS3, which will be available for the peak season. Once the peak season is over, we will reassess the situation," a Sony rep informed the website.


That alone would be enough to inspire fear in those PS3 lovers who were hoping to wait out the early prices (set to be over £350) until it became more affordable to own a 160GB model.

But a Sony Australia rep told the site it would be a "limited-edition SKU", which hints it only going to be available for a short time.

In all honesty, this is likely to be a publicity stunt from Sony, as manufacturing the console at a different SKU will cost money that can only be recouped from bulk building... but then again this device started life as a loss maker, so why change things now?


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