Streamline your office with S Note and S Planner

The power of a computer on the fly

Make the most of the mobile office with the GALAXY Note II

The office has become something of a fluid place; not because of a burst water main, but in terms of the fact many of us work on the go rather than in a fixed place every day.

This means there is a huge need for being able to call upon the power of a computer on the fly - and the Samsung GALAXY Note II certainly fills that role with its impressive quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, expansive 5.5-inch screen and S Pen functionality.

But it's not just about having that power at your fingertips, it's what you can do with it that counts. To that end Samsung has jam-packed the Note II with all manner of functionality to make working on the go that much easier and intuitive.

While it's easy to turn your Note II into a fully-fledged PC using the additional Smart Dock, or read and edit all manner of documents when you download the free Polaris Office portal from Samsung's App hub, there are two apps pre-installed on your device that will give you the power to make notes, create impressive documents and organise your life in new and creative ways - all of which mean you can spend more time doing the things you love when the working day is done!

S Notable

S Note is the first of the two, and its power is only rivalled by its intuition. Whether it's allowing you to take down notes on a call and send them to the person you're talking to (using Popup Note) or clipping things you see from around the web onto a new document or pre-written template, the possibilities with S Note are almost endless.

Samsung has made it easy to create the effect you're looking for no matter the task; so whether you're a writer, a graphical designer or an architect there's always something you can use to bring inspiration to your work.

For instance, if you need to explain to your colleagues visually what you need them to do, then the S Pen gives over 1000 different levels of pressure and multiple brush styles so you can easily draw whatever you want without misunderstanding - and the GALAXY Note II allows you to change pen styles simply by clicking the button on the S Pen too, so your creativity can be mind-blowing!

Idea Sketch brings any document to life as well - simply write the name of the item you're looking for and the Note II will call it up and insert a picture in wherever you want. You can even draw your own ideas and have them appear at your chosen word prompt, so if you've got a company logo or signature you want to use time and again you can easily add it in with a few quick swipes.

Or if you're constantly working with pictures you've taken, then items like the Colour Picker will bring a professional element to what you're looking for. Long-press on the brush icon and you'll get the option to tag any point in the picture and use that colour going forward - perfect for when you need to use a brand's colour or to fix imperfections in your work.


While S Note is the place to create, we all need something in our lives to help us stay focused, which is where S Planner comes in. This app is one of the most powerful available for keeping you organised, be it through listing the tasks you need to do on any given day, sending a meeting invite complete with a location attached or simply just to make sure you've got an easy view of your appointments that day, S Planner can manage it all and more.