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Genius PenSketch 9x12 review

Get creative with this sleek graphics tablet

The Genius PenSketch is the next level up from the MousePen

Our Verdict

A great value graphics tablet for designers on a budget


  • Great value for money

    Good surface area


  • Doesn't have all the functionality of the more expensive rivals

Traditionally, graphics tablets have always been prohibitively expensive, especially if you want to get some decent features for your money.

Things are starting to change though and you can now pick up entry-level tablets for the price of a new PC game. Genius's MousePen is a great choice at around £35, giving you a solid starting point on a small scale.

Its big brother, the PenSketch, comes with a sleeker design and gives you a far greater surface area. It still has the impressive 1024-level pressure sensitivity in the pen itself and is a joy to use.

While the Genius tablets may not have all the functionality of the more expensive Wacom products, for the designer on a budget, or someone who just wants to get a little more creative with their PC, these offer a quality value alternative.