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Plextor PX-MX500L review

A slim and stylish media streaming device

Plextor PX-MX500L
The interface of the PX-MX500L is clunky, similar to that of some predecessors, but it feels more manageable

Our Verdict

Looks the part, but there are still a few tweaks that need to be made to this media device before it can garner widespread appeal


  • Looks good
  • Easy to use
  • Handles most file formats with aplomb


  • No wireless streaming
  • Won't play MOV or WMV files
  • Limited recording options

The Plextor PX-MX500L device wouldn't look out of place underneath the majority of glossy black televisions found in shops today, but there are drawbacks.

The cabling is lacking, with only composite wiring provided for linking to your television. HDMI and component video cables aren't included.

The interface – although no Sky Plus EPG – is fairly easy to use. It played pretty much all we threw at it. However, support for the highly popular MOV and WMV formats is something that we feel should be added in the future.

Wireless streaming was notably absent; only standard Ethernet is available for sharing files between player and PC. The recording functionality is similarly crippled with no option for scheduling.