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Sitecom WL-309 Gaming Router 2 review

Does adding dual-band operations make a better router?

Sitecom WL-309 Gaming Router 2
TechRadar's Sitecom WL-309 Gaming Router 2 review

Our Verdict

A decent router, but the technical arguments for dual band don't hold up in the real world.


  • Decent gaming pings on 2.4GHz channel
  • USB port


  • Expensive
  • 5GHz frequency falls off over distance

Of all the routers that are built around Ubicom's excellent StreamEngine processor for prioritising network traffic, Sitecom's WL-308 Gaming Router was arguably the best for home use.

How could Sitecom improve on its design? By adding a second transmitter for dual-band operation of course. Install the WL-309 Gaming Router 2 and you'll find two wireless networks cover your house, one in the normal 2.4GHz range, and one in the higher frequency 5GHz spectrum.

StreamEngine toting competitors includes Engenius' Gaming Router and Linksys' WRT-330, while the technology powers D-Link's Xtreme N range too. Of them all, though, Sitecom's original Gaming Router was the one that seemed best geared towards gamers, and offered the most consistently low pings no matter what else was going on on the network. And it even managed to look good, too.

Prices for both the WL-308 and the WL-309 are highly variable at the moment, but the newer model with its second channel carries a price premium of around £20. A bargain, if it's a big improvement.

In order to simulate 'real world' scores, the benchmarking PC was positioned roughly 15m from the router, through one brick and one plasterboard wall. The second //Warcraft// test is designed to stress the packet prioritisation abilities of the router. For reference, the //WoW// ping in test 1 was 24ms with an ethernet cable.

World of Warcraft ping
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (2.4GHz): 114ms
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (5GHz): 213ms
Engenius Gaming Router: 149ms
Ethernet cable: 24ms

World of Warcraft ping (while downloading RUSE demo and uploading to Dropbox)
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (2.4GHz): 134ms
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (5GHz): 223ms
Engenius Gaming Router: 245ms ping test (three run average)
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (2.4GHz): 27ms
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (5GHz): 27ms
Engenius Gaming Router: 30ms jitter test
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (2.4GHz): 10ms
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (5GHz): 11ms
Engenius Gaming Router: 15ms

File transfer across wireless LAN (1.7GB file)
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (2.4GHz): 13.59 mins
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (5GHz): 9.19 mins
Engenius Gaming Router: 17.05 mins

File transfer across wireless LAN (200MB small files)
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (2.4GHz): 3.03 mins
Sitecom Gaming Router 2 (5GHz): 4.27 mins
Engenius Gaming Router: 2.13 mins