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ASI BeAnywhere review

Access your files from any PC with this handy USB flash drive

ASI BeAnywhere
This handy little USB flash drive lets you access your home files from any PC with an internet connection

Our Verdict

A good twist on a simple product makes it even easier to access your files when away from home


  • USB Flash drive design
  • Good interface
  • Secure


  • Transfer speeds

In a rather smart move, ASI's software doesn't come as a CD or download; instead, it's packaged on a small USB flash drive.

Inserting the drive into your PC automatically starts the straightforward installation process on the host PC, and then the drive can be installed in guest PCs to enable access.

The software works very well, and although file transfers were a little slow, the remote desktop application was the most responsive that we came across.

Having the software on a thumb drive is also reassuring in terms of security, as it removes all traces of access from the guest PC when it's removed.

BeAnywhere also includes a synchronisation function which enables folders to be echoed from guest to host computer when required, and vice versa.

The price tag includes licences for installation on three host computers and unlimited use on guest PCs. It seems perfect for someone who's frequently away from the office without a laptop.