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One more thing: Playboy and the racy space race

One more thing: Playboy makes the space race racy
Honey I shrunk the news...

You may have noticed that it's phone madness on TechRadar today, because of a small thing called Mobile World Congress.

Amazingly, we have heard that some people don't really give two hoots about the latest smartphones so we have decided to make this One More Thing mobile phone free. And in the place of phones we have space-age gentleman's smut, Twitter facts and the geekiest site ever - a movie database dedicated to computers in film....

Playboy for space cadets – With a little help from Virgin Galactic, Playboy has revealed just what a Playboy Club in space would look like – with a whole article dedicated to how its bunnies would look in Zero G. Let's just say, certain parts of their bodies were more gravity defying than others. [



Playboy in space