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Human air shower blasts grime clean away

Dust- and pollen-free buildings are in reach with the Manner Jet air shower.

Companies excessively worried about the filth adhering to the clothes of their employees every time they enter the office now have two choices to remedy the tricky situation.They can either: 1) Pay ¥1.89 million (£8,070) for a huge 'air shower' to blast staff clean, or 2) Ignore the problem.

From October this year, firms that opt for the first method can avail themselves of the Manner Jet from Japan's Okamura and Sanki Engineering . There's no great mystery to the device - step inside, get blown around by filtered air that is then sucked back into the machine, proceed into building.

Although the Manner Jet may seem a little odd, the problem created by pollen at this time of year isn't to be sneezed at. Apologies for that.