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Average American consumes 34GB of data a day

The remote - an average American's best friend
The remote - an average American's best friend

Latest figures show that the average American is eating up around 34GB of data a day, through things like TVs, computers and personal media players.

The study was conducted by the University of California San Diego, who found that the US consume around 3.4 zettabytes (3,400 trillion gigabytes) which equates to a staggering 34GB each.

Games and TV

Over half of this amount is through videogames, with playing on a games console or PC accounting for 54 per cent of all data intake.

"The quality of visual effects on high-end machines and the rapidity with which the player is confronted with changing scenes on the screen are why these devices and games represent such a huge portion of total information to U.S. households, as well as why the games are so immersive to play," explains the study.

The study also found that a huge chunk of the average American day was taken up with watching TV. Through this they estimate 41 per cent of 'information time' is spent in front of the goggle box. That's a lot of Ricki Lake.

You can check the study out for yourself here.