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Shop around the clock: Ebay could be one of the first Apple Watch apps

eBay may be among the first Apple Watch apps
Bidding from the wrist

Ebay appears to be working on an app for the Apple Watch already, with job listings showing it's looking for fresh blood for the project.

Wondering what you'll do with a smartwatch? The Ebay Apple Watch app offers one solution.

A job posting on the Ebay careers website confirms the company is working on an Apple Watch app, which will likely link into the main Ebay app operated on a phone or tablet.

The listing also suggests a CarPlay app is being worked on.

Apple Watch release

Apple's Tim Cook has just confirmed the Apple Watch is planned for release in April, potentially giving Ebay enough time to prep their app for release at or around the smartwatch's release.

Few concrete functions for the Apple Watch beyond its core abilities have been confirmed at this point.

However, a few of Apple's own highlights include sending other Apple Watch-owning friends little doodles and 'poking' them with a little vibrate signal.

AppleInsider writes that Ebay has been advertising for software engineers to work on the project since November, suggesting development may already be well under way.