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Vuzix launches Wrap 902AV VR goggles

3D virtual reality specs coming soon...
3D virtual reality specs coming soon...

Affordable augmented reality may have got one step closer with the announcement by Vuzix of a new bit of video eyewear kit - the Wrap 902AV.

These functional sunglasses offer a 'see-through' virtual 60-inch display and claim to support 3D video for the first time.

The virtual reality specs use 'quantum optics' (warning! possible marketing nonsense!) to power two 'high resolution' (warning! dangerously vague specification!) LCD display, with 'up to six hours' (warning! 'up to' clearly includes 'one') life from a pair of AA batteries.

Specs for speccies

There are some interesting accessories though. Vuzix will be offering 'low cost' (warning! Oh, you know what I'm going to say by now) optional prescription lens inserts to provide a solution for short- and long-sighted users.

Also, there is an optional Bluetooth six-degree of freedom head tracking system to enable true augmented reality, and an optional USB-power stereo camera pair for 3D viewing.

We should get more info (and maybe a go) on these at CES shortly...