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Apple's TV plans get smart with Matcha buy

Apple's TV plans smarten up with Matcha buy
This should soon be a lot easier

Pushing ahead with in the TV space, Apple has picked up video recommendations site

The second-screen iOS app disappeared back in May without much explanation, but Apple confirmed to AllThingsD that it has bagged the service for its own TV ventures. works by pulling films and TV shows available across a range of TV and video services, such as Netflix, iTunes and Amazon, into one handy place, making it easy for you to choose what you want to watch.

It's rumoured that Apple shelled out somewhere between $1 million and $1.5 million for the service, though the number could well be higher than this given the popularity of the app.

Perfect match

The fact the service works as a second-screen iOS app experience is also interesting and Apple is no doubt looking to integrate its TV experience even closer in its device ecosystem.

Apple's been on a bit of an acquiring spree as of late, recently picking up crowd-sourcing location data service Locationary and navigation app maker HopStop.

And of course, we can't help but speculate that this spree may have something to do with the release of a certain Apple iTV we're expecting to show up at some point next year.