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Gates: 'natural interfaces are our future'

Gates with HP's TouchSmart PC at the 2007 CES in Las Vegas

Next year, Bill Gates will be working on his golf handicap. At least, that's what most people think about semi-retirement. But the Microsoft chairman is having none of it, telling he will still be a presence, while enthusing about the next-generation of software and what will drive it.

"Big screens, touch, ink, speech, that's something that I think, along with cloud computing, is the next big change in how we think about software," Gates told And no, he doesn't have an iPhone.

Cloud Computing is the concept that difficult computing tasks are handled by large data centres connected to the internet. Gates thinks the concept will have a big part to play "Ray Ozzie is driving our cloud computing stuff...Some of the natural interface stuff, I think he and Steve Ballmer will ask me to sort of keep the energy and vision alive there."