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Acoustic Energy's wireless for sound

Acoustic Energy has launched an audiophile-friendly version of the Bluetooth speakers it makes for Orange .

The AE Bluetooth speaker system uses Kevlar drivers powered by a 20W per channel amplifier, promising better sound quality than the Orange version.

It also employs something Acoustic Energy calls Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) technology. This helps preserve the audio quality over the speaker's 10m wireless range.

Naturally the AE Bluetooth system is ideal for use with music phones, PDAs and smartphones but can also be teamed with MP3 players like the iPod using a stereo line-in connection. The left and right speakers can also be moved up to 2 metres apart to help improve stereo imaging.

Acoustic Energy says some users will also be able control the system's volume using their Windows Mobile phones. The rest of us will just have to use the single volume dial on the system's fascia.

The AE Bluetooth speaker system is on sale now for £99.