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CES 2007: Charge gadgets anywhere, anytime

The charger has been approved by Underwriters Laboratories

Discovering that your iPod has run out of juice just as you're about to board a 5-hour flight is the last thing you want to do. Or suddenly have your PDA die in front of you since you forgot to charge its battery.

Help is at hand at CES next week, where Medis will demonstrate its 24/7 power pack charger. It will charge your Blackberry, mobile phone, smartphone, gaming device, or iPod anywhere.

The Medis 24/7 power pack charger is a consumer fuel cell for portable devices. It works off a direct liquid fuel cell, an electro-chemical device that converts the chemical energy of a fuel into electrical energy. It is a clean, non-pollutant source of energy.

Medis said the 24/7 power pack charger is the first product of its kind to receive approval by the Underwriters Laboratories , which test new products for compliance.

The mobile and disposable charger has multiple connectors for immediate use of various electronic devices.