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UK start-up wants to take over your desktop

Share yours with a friend if you're both into Yuuguu

Next time you fancy giving control of your PC over to someone on the other end of an internet connection, why not give a small British software company the chance to facilitate the trick?

Yuuguu, the first product from a northwest firm of the same name is intended to make online collaboration as simple as possible by allowing users to share each other's screens and control applications remotely.

Cross platform

Although there are several similar packages from major-league competitors, Yuuguu is founded on being comparatively easy to set up and use.

People working on the same project can share computers whether they're PCs or Macs via a downloaded application, while remote viewing is possible using just a web browser.

Free option

Throw in secure instant messaging that works with Google's GTalk and a free service allowing up to 30 people to work together on the platform and we reckon the Yuuguu guys will be giving Microsoft et al a run for their money before long.