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'RIAA wants to close down the internet'

The RIAA claims making material available online in the first place is illegal

If the music industry wins a crucial upcoming case, the internet will have to be closed down, a lawyer involved in the case has claimed.

Ray Beckerman, one of the lawyers involved in defending cases brought against people by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) , said the case of Electro vs. Barker could spell the end of the internet .

Beckerman, defending Barker in court, made a motion to dismiss the case because the RIAA had neglected to provide any acts, dates, or times of copyright infringement, as required by the law.

The RIAA countered that by making files available online in the first place, Barker was making a copyright infringement, an argument which Beckerman found "shocking".

He said if the RIAA's argument was accepted by the court it would probably shut down the whole internet. The implication would be that any files sent over the internet would allow the RIAA to suspect that a user was in breach of copyright. Anna Lagerkvist