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'Fake Steve Jobs' blogger exposed

The blog has been the subject of speculation for months

A blogger who labelled himself 'the Fake Steve Jobs' has been exposed as one of the head honchos at business magazine Forbes. The blog in question has been the subject of speculation for many months, with amusing quips forming the basis of a long-running parody of Apple's top man.

The rouse unravelled when a journalist at the New York Times spotted some editorial similarities between the blog and some of senior editor Dan Lyons' work for Forbes. Lyon told the New York Times he started the blog to poke fun at the stuffy manner of so-called 'CEO blogs' - senior managers blogging about their endeavours, but actually saying very little of note.

Lyons said the blog would continue, adding he was hoping to stay anonymous for slightly longer. "It had to happen at some point," he told the Forbes website.