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Child 'fight club' videos rife online

YouTube has come under fire for not regulating its video content

Videos of children fighting are rife on sites such as YouTube . That's the key finding of an investigation into the content found on video-sharing websites conducted by the BBC's Panorama programme, due to be broadcast tonight.

YouTube defends its corner in the Panorama episode, saying it relies on users to police inappropriate content. Despite the obvious nature of the problem, previously highlighted during the outcry against so-called 'happy slapping', it seems the Beeb has uncovered some pretty horrendous content. Clips include youngsters as young as 11 kicking nine lives out of each other, brandishing handguns and damaging police cars.

A poll currently running on the BBC's website shows that the majority of people think these sites themselves should be moderating content, with user-moderation coming a close second.