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UK launches cyber security competition

UK launches national cyber security competition
UK launches national cyber security competition

A new initiative launches this week in order to find Britain's best (as-yet undiscovered) cyber security experts.

A national public competition called the 'Cyber Security Challenge' aims to find the best programming talent in the country.

Web games test skill

The competition is set to use web-based games and challenges, encouraging those that manage to complete all of the games to pursue a career in computer security.

The games focus on eight key skill areas including digital forensics, network analysis and logical thinking.

"We are increasingly dependent on networks and computer systems," said Judy Baker, director of the Cyber Security Challenge (CSC). "The whole digital economy and society is structured around them."

The initiative is part of an attempt to address the talent shortage and brain drain in Britain's computer security industry.

The competition is backed by a number of organisations, including the Cabinet Office, the Metropolitan Police, Qinetiq, Royal Holloway college and the Institute of Information Security Professionals.

Fancy your chances? The CSC officially starts on 27 April and to take part you have to be aged 16 or over.