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Should MPs poke and tweet?

Should MPs tweet and poke and blog?
Should MPs tweet and poke and blog?

The UK government's rather vaingloriously titled Power of Information taskforce wants Britain's MPs and civil servants to tweet, poke and blog more, listing its 25 urgent actions for the public sector this week.

Amazingly (to those of us in the private sector, at least) 90% of public sector departments either ban browsing or only allow access to social media on PCs with limited access.

"Public sector workers cannot be expected to be up to date with the power of information to transform public services if they cannot access the internet at work," claims the report.

Publish in open e-formats

Ministers and government bodies should publish information "in open, semantic, electronic formats that not only allow the relevant government website to host the material but also allow others to take the material, present it, gather views and feed those back to government in innovative ways".

You can check the full report online and give your own feedback to Tom Watson, Cabinet Office minister for digital engagement.

Or you can tweet Watson to let him know your thoughts