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Opera 11.50 adds Speed Dial extensions to the mix

Opera 11.50 - comes with web apps
Opera 11.50 - comes with web apps

Opera has announced a couple of new additions to its browser this week, with the launch of Opera 11.50.

The updated browser now comes with Speed Extensions, which are essentially in-browser apps to make your web surfing that little bit swifter.

Web apps made an appearance in Google Chrome so Opera isn't the first to use this type of browser app but it is hoping that its Speed Dial extensions will prove to be popular.

"We think Speed Dial extensions are a smarter way of getting to the content you want and need," said Opera about the new service.

Web app-reciation

The list of Speed Dial extensions Opera highlights isn't exactly going to set your mind on fire, but you can check stocks at a glance (with StockTwits), a Webdoc extension that allows you to create interactive web posts and the Hype Machine, which offers up tracks from various music blogs.

One of the more interesting is Read It Later – an extension that acts a bit like StumbleUpon, where it will give you random articles to read from your own archive of stories.

Aside from web apps, Opera has added password synchronisation, fixed thousands of bugs and spruced up its HTML5 functionality.