Mozilla outlines plans for web app store

Mozilla outlines plans for a cross-browser web apps store
Mozilla outlines plans for a cross-browser web apps store

Mozilla has outlined its plans to develop an open, cross-browser web application store system.

Google announced its own plans for a Chrome web store earlier this summer, back in May.

AppMonkey demo

That Chrome web apps store is now open to developers. You can see a video demo of Google's online web apps store for more details on those plans.

For its part, Mozilla is proposing a web apps store that is accessible via any browser, including Firefox 3.6 and above, Firefox Mobile, IE8, Chrome 6, Safari 5, Opera 10 and any WebKit mobile systems.

"The open web is a great platform for rich applications," said Mozilla chief Jay Sullivan in a blog post this month.

"It would be even better if it had additional capabilities to ease discovery, acquisition, installation and use of apps, while also enabling monetisation for developers."

Mozilla wants to see apps developed using the most popular and existing web technologies, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Developers can distribute their apps directly or via app stores, such as Mozilla's own AppMonkey.

You can see an online demo of how Mozialla envisages the future of web apps right here.

Or check out the below Mozilla video for more details: