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Japanese website brings map of worldwide smells

Smellonet - coming soon?
Smellonet - coming soon?

A Japanese website that maps the world's scents has been launched, giving text descriptions and pinpointing areas where various smells can be found.

The Nioi-Bu actually launched in December, but has already attracted 200 members or 'smellists' to the cause.

"All that is missing on the web is a smelling function," spokeswoman Kayo Matsubara told PA. "That's our next challenge."

Only in Japan

Unfortunately the site is currently only available in Japanese, which is a shame because according to the wire service we'd be able to track down the likes of 'cat with halitosis.'

Fortunately we already know the location of 'girl with overpowering perfume' and 'tramp who smells of urine', which will probably suffice until an English version rears its smelly head.