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Flickr hits 3 billion photograph mark

Flickr has 3 billion photos to browse

Flickr is celebrating after its three billionth photogrpah was uploaded.

The photo sharing site has been one of the internet's success stories, allowing users to upload their libraries of pictures and is considered one of the first 'Web 2.0' sites.

The site's straightforward search and tagging of photos has played a huge role in its success, allowing people to look for specifics or merely browse through as they please.

Grey door

The three billionth photo was posted by garret_ryan_smith and is a photo of a grey door – perhaps not the most exciting image in the database.

The photograph is tagged: "Take the pinky of either your left or right hand, hold it next to the corner of your mouth and say '3 beelleeeeon photos…' That's it above — our three billionth photo."

The site launched in February 2004 and has been ranked by Alexa as the 30th most popular internet site on the planet.