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SAP unveils subscription option for HANA cloud platform

More options is always a good thing

SAP has announced a new subscription pricing model for its HANA cloud platform.

The new model means that users can pay for access to HANA based on their consumption, allowing them to choose additional end-to-end features or options on a case by case basis.

This allows users to add predictive analytics, spatial processing and planning options to their package when needed.

Those who adopt the HANA cloud subscription service will pay $6,495 (£3,885, AU$7,180) per month for a 40-CPU infrastructure instance with 1TB of RAM, according to InfoWorld.

That figure jumps to $83,295 (£49,825, AU$92,055) per month when coupled with HANA software and support costs, making the former subscription option a more affordable way to get access to HANA, particularly for startups.

New features

SAP also unveiled new features for HANA, including the ability to build new data-driven apps in the cloud and a platform-as-a-service for memory-centric infrastructure, database and application services.

There is also the SAP Genomic Analyser, a new app powered by HANA that is aimed at providing insights from genomics data in real time to researchers and clinicians.

Via InfoWorld