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An end to Fauxlex and Kalvin Clein? China's Alibaba says it's fighting fakes

Fauxlex not Rolex
Fauxlex not Rolex

Alibaba, the world's biggest online market, has insisted that it is doing its best to stop the sale of fake goods, as the Chinese super brand battles to broaden its reach across the globe.

Alibaba and its platforms have long been labelled as a hub for fake merchandise, but are looking to break out from this reputation.

After their efforts were rewarded by its Taobao arm being removed from the U.S. Trade Office's 'notorious markets' blacklist, further complaints have arrived.

The latest, which comes from the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), may just have sparked some major changes, with the site insisting that it has a range of measure to restrict the dodgy dealers.

So, get ready to kiss goodbye to your Kalvin Kleins and your Channel Number 5 aftershave, the real brands are fighting back.

Via Reuters