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Doom is one of the best games of 2016, and it's at an absolute bargain price

(Image credit: id Software)

DOOM is one of TechRadar's favourite games of the year - we even included it in our best tech of 2016 rundown - so a price point of less than £16 represents fantastic value. 

The id Software game brings one of the most iconic first person shooters bang up to date for a new generation, and has won huge critical acclaim as well as topping the charts. 

We said: "Better than we could ever have expected, DOOM is a resurrection of a gaming classic that keeps enough of the old while adding a truckload of new."

You can get the game from Amazon from just £14 for the main two consoles. Better yet, if you're on PS4 and know you're going to get stuck into the multiplayer, get the game with the complete season pass for just £19.99! Don't worry PC gamers, you can get the game for just £11.49 via