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Activision axes Guitar Hero

So long, Guitar Hero. We hardly knew ye
So long, Guitar Hero. We hardly knew ye

Activision has announced that it is to disband its Guitar Hero business unit, thus signalling the end of Guitar Hero.

While your Guitar Hero guitar gently weeps, Activision blames a lack of consumer interest in the game and in music games in general for the demise of the franchise.

The game allowed iPad, iPhone, Xbox, Wii, DS and PlayStation owners to live the rock star dream, by shredding, strumming and generally rocking out in their living rooms.

Not exactly the death of rock 'n' roll

The upcoming Guitar Hero game slated for a 2011 release has also been shelved, but the company is willing to re-asses the situation if appetite for the game increases in the future.

What this means for the company's DJ Hero line remains to be seen.

Other games franchises from the developer seem safe for now; Call of Duty and World of Warcraft both brought high returns last year, although Activision still posted losses for 2010.

But for now it's goodbye to Guitar Hero – so charge your Star Power meter, stick your lighter in the air and let's remember the good times.

Via AfterDawn