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BT has announced the first football match to be broadcast with Dolby Atmos

Until recently Dolby's Atmos 3D surround sound technology has been the almost exclusive preserve of high-budget TV and movies, but increasingly the high-end technology is making its way to live sports. 

BT Sport is currently leading the charge in ushering in the next generation of television. It was the first to broadcast live sport in 4K back in August 2015, and next January it's bringing Dolby Atmos support along for the ride. 

The first match to be broadcast using this new standard will be Liverpool vs Chelsea on January 31, and BT plans to follow this with the rest of its Premier League coverage in UHD and Atmos, as well as select FA Cup games.

Sky Q vs BT

BT’s Ultra HD efforts differ from Sky in that they stream matches over the internet rather than through traditional broadcast technologies. 

The new BT Atmos offering is a step above Sky’s, which is limited to only Dolby 5.1 surround sound. 

We never thought we’d reach a point of saying something was ‘only’ available in 5.1, but that’s the world of 3D surround sound for you. 

The service will be available to subscribers of BT’s Total Entertainment bundle at no extra cost. 

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