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Denon announces entry level Blu-ray player

Denon's budget player. If your budget is £600
Denon's budget player. If your budget is £600

Denon, a luxury provider of AV equipment, has announced its latest Blu-ray player which it is aiming at the entry level end of the market.

The DVD-1800BD has HDMI 1.3a connectivity, Dolby and DTS-HD audio formats and a secondary audio and video decoder.

There's also the added bonus of an SD card slot, so you can play your homemade HD movies through the player.

The machine will also upscale your regular DVD collection to a reported 1080p.

Audio outputs

And if you want to use the player for your CD collection, you will pleased to hear that the DVD-1800BD has a dedicated 2-channel analogue output, Burr-Brown D/A convertors and a whole host of analogue components.

The DVD-1800BD is out now and costs £600. Still not cheap, but for a Denon product it's a steal.